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Alsion Moore Moss Prehnite Nebula Pendant

Moss Prehnite Nebula Pendant, handmade in Orkney.

An utterly gorgeous collection of green gemstones make up the Moss sterling silver Nebula pendant by Alison Moore.

This "Moss" Nebula pendant is created using a beautiful combination of gemstones. A gorgeous mix of spring green tones. A silky looking pale green prehnite is the main stone, followed by peridot (birthstone of August), and tourmaline (birthstone of October).

Inspired by the dark winter Orkney skies, the Nebula collection reflects the colourful clouds of dust and gas which lie deep between the stars.

It hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver chain. 

Made in Alison Moore's Scottish island workshop, the gemstones are naturally occurring, and therefore each one is unique and colours may vary slightly from stone to stone. The Nebula pendants are 2.2cm long.