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Skye Candles - Grapefruit & Neroli Hanging Air Freshener

Grapefruit & Neroli Air Freshener

Take your favourite Skye Candles scent on the road. Whether you’re looking to add fragrance to your road trip adventures or make your daily commute that little bit nicer, this lovely Air Freshener will do the job.

The soft, citrus notes of pink grapefruit have long been used to uplift and sooth tired minds. Neroli is carefully blended into the mix to add a floral undertone, creating a revitalising and uplifting aroma. The scent in on the sweet end of our citrusy spectrum. Neroli oil, quite similar to its more famous orange blossom, extracted from the same flower, subtly adds a floral note to the scent, without overpowering the zest of the more dominant pink grapefruit aroma.

Enjoy for up to 3 weeks of maximum scent release. Perfect for scenting small spaces - cars, vans, pet rooms, gym lockers. 

Hang loosely, avoid direct contact with materials as this may cause permanent staining.