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Skye Candles - Highland Gorse Candle

Highland Gorse Tumbler Candle from Skye Candles.  This gorgeous candle is a great way to fragrance your home whilst setting a cosy atmosphere with its gentle light. It will last around 45 hours and will fill your room with a beautiful fragrance that won’t overpower.

Highland Gorse - bring the scent of a Highland spring in, with this gorgeous, fresh sweet gorse fragrance.  Combining warm sweet balsamic floral and green herbaceous notes that rest on a base containing Scots pine, cedar wood and amber.

Scent info:

It’s said that when gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of fashion. The reason for this saying is because somewhere in Scotland, there is always a gorse bush blooming. So, in turn, kissing will never go out of fashion. Turns out mistletoe isn’t the only plant that encourages a bit of smooching!  

Although there is always some gorse in bloom somewhere, spring is when we are treated to the full effect of gorse’s vibrancy and beautiful coconut aroma. The way it brightens up the countryside with its sunshine yellow colour is an instant mood booster. 

Made from sustainable soya wax.

Product of Scotland.