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Skye Candles - Machair Flowers Miniature Candle

Machair Flowers Miniature Candle from Skye Candles.

This lovely small candle, made from sustainable soya wax, will burn for up to 20 hours and is a great way to trial the scent or give as a wee gift.  

Machair is a word of Gaelic origin that refers to the grassy area found on parts of the northwest coastlines and is particularly gorgeous and prevalent in the Hebrides. It’s a very fertile spot and the floral notes of the Machair fragrance come from the colourful wildflowers that grow there. Subtle hints of kelp harmonise with harebell, gentian, orchid and bluebell are brought together to create a botanical scent.  

If you love the coast but don’t live as close to it as you’d like, this is the scent to transport you there. 

Product of Scotland.