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Skye Candles - Oriental Lily Hanging Air Freshener

Take your favourite Skye Candles scent on the road. Whether you’re looking to add fragrance to your road trip adventures or make your daily commute that little bit nicer, these Air Fresheners certainly do the job.

Oriental Lily - a scent that has been used in perfumes for centuries, mixed with delicate rose and finished with top notes of mandarin and bergamot to create a soft, sweet aroma.

The most floral of them all!   Skye Candles Oriental Lily is a delicate yet powerful scent. Slightly sweet, yet pleasant and inviting, this fragrance gives a breath of fresh air and freshly cut flowers to your room. The soft, romantic aroma makes it the perfect gift option for your loved one.  

Enjoy for up to 3 weeks of maximum scent release. Perfect for scenting small spaces - cars, vans, pet rooms, gym lockers. 

Hang loosely, avoid direct contact with materials as this may cause permanent staining.