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Wee Book o' Grannies' Sayin's

A book written in tribute tae a' wur darlin' Wee Grannies. Foo' o' warmth an 'hilarity, thae Grannies' voices echo through every page. They're movin' an' shakin' wi' the times. They can be as philosophical as gurus an' as bolshie as bikers, an' they want everyone to know it! So stick oan the kettle, park yer bahoochie doon an' start tae read through this Wee Book cos you re in fur a rare treat. Thae Grannies' voices soar an' squeal an' jump auf the pages! They'll mak' ye laff, they'll mak' ye cry an' they'll mak' ye roll yer eyes jist as yer ain Granny did back in the day, when she yelled in yer direction: 'Dae as ye're telt or ye'll git whit fur!' 

The Wee Book Company Ltd wus incorporated in 2018 wi’ the aim o’ producing quality, modern non-fiction Scottish humour an’ children’s fiction. We’re a’ aboot the funny but we underscore wur books wi’ messages o’ love, positivity, confidence an’ resilience. Aye, it’s important tae us tha’ laughter an’ love go haund in haund.

Paperback; 96 pages.

Size: 155mm x 155mm.

Published by The Wee Book Company