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Wee Book o' Pure Stoatin' Joy

It's impossible no' tae feel foo o' the joys efter leafin' through this light hearted, downright funny Wee Book which is foo o'life, luv an' guid auld fashioned Scottish positivity. It's yer choice - are ye gaun tae be crabbit or crackin'? Are ye gaun tae be a Big Braveheart or a Wee Feartie? C'mon, it's a nae brainer, eh?

Thaur's nae big secret tae feelin' foo o' the joys, it's a feelin' we can a' generate by wursel's. So, dinnae fash! Park yer erse doon in yer favourite chair an' relax. Let this Wee Book be yer best friend fur a while. Let it melt a' warm an' toasty in yer haunds an' let it wrap itsel' roond yer heart lik' a furry worm. It's foo' o' guid stuff an' it'll remind ye o' jist how easy it is tae git yer heid lifted an' yer heart swellin'.

Paperback; 96 pages; Humour, with a smattering of risquΓ© expressions..
Size: 155mm x 155mm.

Published by The Wee Book Company